Media Training

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Media training ensures you're ready for the camera before anyone turns it on or asks the first question. Book a training session with us to feel confident about your next media interview.

What It Is

Facilitated by Communications Department members who have worked in newsrooms, thunder::tech media training sessions are designed to help you develop your message and speak in strong sound bites that journalists love. We even show you how to handle those difficult questions you aren’t expecting.

What We Think

With proper preparation, media interviews are an excellent opportunity to represent your company and strengthen your brand. Our media training sessions are created to give each company representative the confidence to approach interviews with ease.

How We Help

Media training sessions, which can be scheduled for a half or full day, cover:

  • What journalists consider “news”
  • What you should be asking the interviewer
  • Responding to requests to go “off the record”
  • Staying on target with your message
  • What to do when you don’t know the answer to a question
  • Preparing for the interview, from wardrobe planning to reviewing talking points
  • Engaging the interviewer and projecting confidence when answering questions
  • Keeping your team in the loop after the interview is complete

These subjects (and more) are covered in a best practices guide that you can take following the session.

Perhaps the most effective portion of our media training process is the mock interview. You’ll be put in front of the camera for a Q & A session with a member of our team that is recorded on video. We then review your performance with you, analyzing your strengths and weaknesses, with recommendations that provide insight into how the media think and what they are looking for.

Armed with this knowledge, we’ll run through a second mock interview with you. Clients are frequently amazed at the dramatic improvement in their performance the second time around. Who says breaking down game film only works for football teams?

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