Online Marketing Training

choose your words carefully

Making sure your team knows what to look for and how to navigate online marketing can save you time, capital and headaches.

What It Is

The best way to help your team excel and strengthen your marketing efforts isn’t to tell you what works and what doesn’t; it’s to educate you. Let us don our tweed jackets with the elbow patches and get to work.

What We Think

Knowledge left unshared is both knowledge wasted and a missed opportunity for growth. We firmly believe that if we don’t help you discover and understand the ins and outs of what we do, then we lose a potentially wonderful chance to broaden our horizons and see things from a different point of view.

How We Help

Ultimately our training breaks up into two few key areas:

On-Site Optimization Training

During this phase, we help you understand not what you need to do, but how you need to think. When you just follow a blueprint, you become stale and repetitive, but when you learn how to think about it in just the right way, you see your website in a whole different light. It stops being a flurry of complex updates and tweaks and becomes a very clear and simple picture.

We show you how to look at content, how to look at your website’s design, layout and structure. We help you understand how to read the real message on your site and to see things the way that users will. We don’t train you on what to do; we train you on why you want to do it. With that you can grow and expand it beyond anything we teach you.

Notice we didn’t say “search engine” at all there? There’s a reason.

Off-Site Optimization Training

What happens off-site is just as important as what happens on-site. What is said on other websites will impact how your website performs in search engine rankings. With the right outlook and viewpoint, you will discover just what will work and what you need to concentrate on. There are absolute dos and don’ts in the online world; some websites just have them confused.

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