PPC Search Advertising

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A pay-per-click (PPC) campaign will help you rank for highly targeted phrases, driving new users to your site through search engines and Amazon.

What It Is

PPC ads are found at the top, sides and bottom of Google, Bing, Yahoo and Amazon search result pages. Does your site fail to appear in top results for certain keywords? With PPC, you select the keywords you want your website to appear for when searched, and thunder::tech gets your ads to appear on the first page. By incorporating PPC into your marketing strategy, you will allow your brand greater visibility for competitive search terms, reach new audiences and have more control over the demographics you’re targeting. 

What We Think

thunder::tech recommends all businesses give PPC search advertising a shot, as it is a great complement to organic (non-paid) tactics. Unlike many traditional advertising channels, PPC campaign tweaks or overhauls can be made in real-time. No change is ever permanent; users have the freedom to test variations of ads, keywords, bids and everything in between at the drop of a dime.

Few advertising mediums allow for the precise ROI calculations that can be made with PPC. Each PPC platform tracks a vast array of metrics, so you’ll always know exactly where your money is being spent and whether that spend is resulting in a positive ROI. Can you say that about your current marketing initiatives?

How We Help

We are Google Certified

thunder::tech is a Google Partner, which means we’ve passed the Google AdWords certification exams and met the company’s strict Partner qualifications.

PPC Audit

If you’re already running a PPC account and would like to see better results, thunder::tech’s PPC Audit is a great way to get started. Our Optimization Team begins by reviewing your account’s overall structure and settings to uncover quick wins. Next, a deep historical performance analysis is performed so that underperforming ideas from the past are not repeated. Finally, the account is reviewed for general PPC best practices including:

  • Negative keywords
  • Ad text
  • Landing pages
  • Conversion tracking
  • Bidding opportunities
  • Location targeting
  • And more

Upon completion of the PPC Audit, you’ll receive a comprehensive report that outlines everything that was reviewed and the recommended next steps. This report is completely custom to your business and will be written in clear, non-technical language so everyone in your organization can understand it. 

PPC Setup 

The PPC Setup service is best for clients who’ve never embarked on a journey into the wonderful world of PPC. We begin with good, old fashioned research on your business and your industry to learn the right questions to ask in preparation of a kickoff call with your team. During the kickoff call, the following is typically uncovered:

After the kickoff call, thunder::tech will perform additional keyword research to ensure no opportunities are missed. Once these keywords are approved by the client, ad copy is written and we begin to set up the PPC account. Finally, the account is launched. New PPC accounts can be very unpredictable, so we highly recommend our PPC Maintenance service immediately following the completion of a PPC Setup.

PPC Maintenance

PPC Maintenance provides ongoing support and improvements to your PPC accounts. We review your account for best practices and develop a monthly report with our recommendations to carry out. The report is completely customized to your needs and will contain all of those indispensable metrics you’d expect to see in a PPC report including:

Due to the fast-moving nature of PPC, the account is reviewed daily for quality, but reports are provided once per month. This keeps maintenance costs down and allows us to be make changes that will provide a higher ROI more efficiently.

PPC Landing Pages That Work

No PPC campaign can be successful without optimized landing pages. When a user executes a search on Google, he/she expects to be presented with a list of links that are relevant to the search. If the user clicks an ad for dog toys for example, the users expects to be taken to a landing page that is all about dog toys.

Your landing page is dependent on your content, your images, your call to action and how it’s all designed. How this page performs will determine if your PPC campaign is successful. The landing page is the keystone of your entire PPC campaign.

  1. Client goals, objectives and expectations from the PPC campaign
  2. Primary keywords of interest
  3. Special offers that can be used in ad copy
  4. Ability to make edits to landing pages
  5. Top competitors
  6. Location targeting
  7. Marketing automation and lifetime value of customer opportunities
  8. Client’s unique selling proposition
  9. Budget
    • Clicks per month
    • Clickthrough rate of ads
    • Spend per month
    • Keywords that have led to conversions
    • Cost per acquisition of keywords
    • Recommended next steps
    • And more

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