User Experience Testing

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Just like the first day of a new job, first impressions mean a lot when it comes to a website. Users need to be able to easily find what they're looking or else they'll leave.

What It Is

When someone looks at your website, you have an average of about seven seconds to grab their attention and prove that you’re trustworthy and authoritative while directing them where they need to go next. thunder::tech accomplishes this through a few different methods.

What We Think

Though you control what content is on your website, what it looks like and how it performs, the external user is really the one running the show. If users can’t navigate your site or find what they’re looking for, they’ll leave—no matter how pretty or cutting-edge your site is. Proper user experience testing will ensure users leave your site only after they’ve gotten everything they need from it.

How We Help

Pop quiz: Close your eyes and think about your website. Do you ever find yourself asking any of the following questions?

  • Do my emails properly encourage users to click to my website?
  • Does my website visually encourage users to dig deeper?
  • Can my users quickly and easily find what they need?
  • What are people actually doing with my website?

If you have, then odds are you can benefit from some user experience testing. Now open your eyes and admit you were peeking at least enough to read this.

thunder::tech uses a variety of tools and combines skillsets to make sure we understand how users are interacting with your website. We tailor each test to drive measurable improvement based on clients' goals (whatever those goals may be).

Click Tracking/Scroll Tracking

Your users need to interact with your website, emails or blog to get the most from them. Ultimately these interactions have to be a certain action for you to count it as a successful visit. We keep a close eye on where they are clicking, what they are seeing and (most importantly) if it’s something that they should be.

Website Flow Monitoring

A dead spot in a website can be painful. You know those pages that many people hit and nobody ever moves past? Your users may be getting hung up in the same area and not moving forward to complete the goal. Maybe they’re not seeing the call to action or maybe there simply isn’t one. Evaluating where users are going is just as important as looking at what they are seeing.

Layout Adjustment

Once we know what people are seeing and how they are moving within your website, we can help you maximize their visits. Your layout will ultimately influence what someone does with your site. We work with you to make sure that what they do is beneficial to you.

Armed with the knowledge from our tracking and monitoring, we then suggest improvements to help ensure that your user experience is helping people find what they need quickly and efficiently while reaching the goals you have set for them.

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