Social Media Crisis Communications

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Plan for any problem before it even becomes a glimmer on the horizon. Then address what you didn't see coming. We're here to help you navigate these murky waters.

What It Is

A social media crisis can happen in a flash. Your social media channel could be hacked, an employee may send a personal, derogatory tweet from the company account or a blogger may post a negative review of your product that spreads across the Internet like wildfire. Those are only a few examples. Regardless, proper steps can help prepare companies to handle a social media crisis if one occurs.

What We Think

Social media has empowered everyone to have a voice and opinion that can reach hundreds, thousands or even millions of people all at the same time. What once was a conversation among friends has been amplified to the nth degree. It’s digital word of mouth and now brands have to be cognizant of what people are saying about them more than ever before.

How We Help

All it takes is one tweet, blog mention or Facebook post that mentions an incident involving your company, and within minutes people could be slamming your brand across multiple social media channels. This can potentially do irreparable damage to your brand if handled incorrectly. How quickly and effectively will you react?

From small, family-owned businesses to global corporations, everyone is susceptible to a social media crisis at any time. Even if you don’t manage active social media properties for your company, it does not prevent others from talking about your brand destructively. A strong social media crisis communications plan can help minimize the negative impact it can have on your brand reputation and reshape the customer perspective.

thunder::tech has experience dealing with various types of social media crisis communications. We can design a  process for immediate steps to be taken before an actual crisis happens to avoid confusion if one should occur. We can help identify a potential crisis before it happens with our multiple alerts and social media listening tools. Even if it happens in the middle of the night, we’ll know and we can notify you. Already too late? We have a solution for that, too. We can help you create an action plan to react appropriately and lessen the negative backlash.

From pre-planning to cleaning up the aftermath, thunder::tech is equipped to consult and/or act on your behalf to help minimize the damage created by such a crisis.

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