Social Media Training

more than likes and favorites

Social media can be a daunting endeavor with many roads to average performance. Our team will show you how to get the most out of social media and make sure you take the path to success.

What It Is

Social media training has become a popular request from clients. That’s easy to believe due to how regularly the social media scene changes. The thunder::tech Social Media Team works with companies and marketers that are new to social media, expanding their teams or just looking to improve their skills to properly execute a social media marketing campaign.

What We Think

At thunder::tech, we believe in educating clients in how to implement the best marketing tactics to meet their brands’ goals. So it goes without saying, we don’t try to keep trade secrets from you so you must come back to us each and every time you need something done. In fact, we strive to help clients understand and learn about the newest marketing trends and best practices.

How We Help

thunder::tech training is completing customizable to you and your social media team’s needs. You are in charge of where we start and what we cover. Whether you're comfortable with social media after a few hours of training or decide you need several sessions over several days, we can help you learn exactly what you need to successfully manage a social media community.

What can we help you with?
  • Learn the basics – Tips for posting to each channel, scheduling posts, photo uploading, social media etiquette, best practices, managing a social media editorial calendar and more.
  • The next steps – Creating engaging content, managing properties smoothly, monitoring analytics and statistics, and creating apps or contests.

With the hands-on, tailored training that thunder::tech can provide, clients learn what they need to know at their own speed to get their social media marketing initiatives off the ground and continue learning to better their brand’s online marketing efforts.

Interested in our social media training services?
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