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We assist not only with the strategy, but also the technical tactics to help you drive engagement, brand recognition and growth for your online store.


E-commerce sales are growing by double digits every year. We provide strategy and services to enable our clients to take advantage of that trend. We know that not every business has an easy route to e-commerce, and that there are often more questions than answers when it comes to e-commerce. Our teams reduce the e-commerce noise by presenting sound strategies related to selling products, services, subscriptions and capturing donations online today and in the future.


No matter where you are in your e-commerce evolution, we can assist in your growth. There is an explosion of e-commerce options out there today, but knowing which platform, approach or partner to join forces with to see champagne-popping success can be tricky. thunder::tech can provide the guidance, education and the talent to get you in the e-commerce game effectively.

thunder::tech is uniquely suited to fit your e-commerce needs. Today’s e-commerce winners will either be low cost or will have the strength of a brand and value proposition that can power through any pricing wars.


We can help our clients position themselves with the latest and greatest when it comes to technologies and toolsets. We have e-commerce architects, technologists, UX designers, trainers and front-end developers to make it happen. Our team has experience in developing custom integrations with both legacy and the latest ERP systems, CRMs and email platforms that can arm your staff to drive online sales within a sound operational ecosystem that does not disrupt existing business.

We can also equally benefit brands with an array of services that can give the proper voice, messaging and value proposition that is needed to stand out no matter which sales channels your company may be leveraging. From video to photography and animations, we can separate your store from the rest.

When it comes to customer acquisition, a sound content marketing, social media, pay-per-click and search engine optimization strategy is paramount. Our Communications services will discover, design and deploy content, advertising budgets, identify target audiences and actions that will drive your bottom line. And when your clicks and impressions do come, our Performance Marketing services will create campaigns and programs that will capture the leads, increase retention and expand your insights so you can make future investments driven by data and strategy.

We have experience in deploying e-commerce solutions using Shopify, WooCommerce, Kentico, BigCommerce, Sitecore, Magento as well as others. Our architects and application developers understand that not everything integrates off-the-shelf, and will build strong scalable integrations that meet our clients’ specifications so that their customers receive a seamless experience and with reliable data integrity.



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