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In-house developers with Joomla experience.

Joomla is one of the world’s most popular CMS platforms in the open source community.  It is an object-oriented programming based CMS that is widely translated.  It is community run with little to no enterprise backing.  It has several over-9k extensions that can help you add additional features and functionality. 

thunder::tech can help you maintain and extend your Joomla site today.

What we can offer you and your CMS project:

  • Tailored UX and CMS deployments.
  • Solution architecture
  • Vulnerability and Technical Assessments. Did your agency configure your CMS properly to meet your goals and objectives?
  • Support. Need quick and effective change or fixes? Thunder::tech can assist.
  • Training.  Thunder::tech has the capabilities to train both developers and business users. Contact us today to schedule a tailored session.

Find a CMS that is Right for You!
Our clients have told us that test driving an array of Content Management Systems before selecting one greatly increased both their short-term and long-term satisfaction.
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