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From email campaign strategy to marketing automation, we will help you strengthen and maintain your audience relationships based on data, not guess work.



At its heart, marketing automation is a system used to better understand your audience, connecting what were once anonymous dots and painting a clear conversion picture – from prospect to customer.

How is this achieved? By aggregating information from the channels and tactics your organization leverages to engage with your desired audiences. Sounds tricky, right? Fortunately, there are several sophisticated platforms that can aid in building strong, lasting relationships with your customers and that we know a thing or two about helping you accomplishing that.


Why Use It

You’ve attracted their attention, and maybe they’ve already bought your product or service, but now what? Many organizations are content with making the sale and don’t identify the need to further develop these relationships, or organizations see that they have web traffic, but no one is filling out a form so they have no idea how to get in touch with them. Either way, this is a cause for many dollars left on the table. 

How It Helps


With marketing automation being a data aggregator, it helps you in two big ways:

1. Gain insight

In today’s connected, digital world, consumers are engaging with organizations at seemingly random times and, to the untrained eye, seemingly random ways. But it only seems random because organizations are not accurately tracking customer behavior and appropriately analyzing data. By gathering key pieces of data on customers, both demographic and behavior, organizations are able to better deliver targeted messages to customers at the right time and through the correct channel.

2. Track ROI

through the aggregation of data from multi-channel campaigns, marketing automation platforms can help track not only high-level engagement, but granular conversions, and then attribute that conversion to the appropriate channel. But it gets even better than that, because with air-tight closed loop reporting and an accurate attribution model, you will be able to show the precise impact your marketing dollars are having on your organization’s bottom line.

How We Help

Establishing a solid foundation

For marketing automation to function at its peak potential, a solid foundation is essential. thunder::tech will work with you to pour a foundation for success. A solid foundation starts with:

  • Selecting a platform - selecting a platform is not merely a recommendation, it is a process and it is our process here at thunder::tech to work with you in selecting an option that best aligns with your needs and marketing objectives. We have worked with Act-On, Autopilot, HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot, just to name a few, and will make sure that you settle on a platform that is best for you

  • An understanding of your audience by developing detailed buyer personas
  • Having clean and organized contact data that enables customizable and targeted messaging
  • A Customer Resource Management (CRM) platform to store your customer’s data – don’t worry if you don’t have one setup yet, we can help you with that as well.
  • Establishing SMART marketing goals
    • Specific
    • Measurable
    • Attainable
    • Relevant
    • Time-bound

Strategy and planning

If you think of marketing automation as a well-oiled machine with different parts firing off at different times to various audiences, you’d better have an engineer help you set it up at the beginning. Let thunder::tech’s team of marketing engineers map out a full integrated strategy to ensure you have everything is in place to reach your marketing goals.

Campaign creation, execution and management


Once we’ve identified what your goals are and established a plan, the fun can finally begin. We can help with content creation, email design and development, and any other tactics that need to be set in place before launch. Then, when you’re ready to push that shiny red button, we can help you make sure all your data is being pulled into the right places (Email, CRM, ERP and other systems integrations) and all your messages are firing at the right times. We’ll be there to monitor and discuss trends, wins and areas that might need to be adjusted for optimal campaign success.

Ongoing strategy, nurturing and support

The initial strategy is not only a starting point, but an element that should be injected and adjusted throughout the entire process. thunder::tech will be there to interpret the data and progress, then determine what new elements may need to be added to create an even fuller, more powerful and impactful campaign.

When To Start

Yesterday! But because we have decommissioned our time machine, that isn’t really possible, so today will have to do.

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