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Discover how responsive website design can help make your website work regardless of a user's device of choice.

What It Is

Your website is the digital storefront that gives visitors a feel for who you are and is often the first place your customers will interact with your brand. We help you determine requirements, goals, metrics and feasibility through our discovery and design processes. Responsive web design (RWD) is a design method in which websites are created to span all devices in a simple and elegant way that provides an optimal viewing experience for any user. Responsive web design provides mobile users the same content as desktop users, so creating and editing content is as easy possible.

What We Think

We understand the importance of our clients’ marketing visions and lean on our process and premier expertise in delivering that vision as a cohesive and fully efficient business product. We also appreciate that most of our clients look to thunder::tech to add value in determining technical strategy and appropriate approaches to solving problems within projects. Responsive design is the new normal with the web, and our UX developers are seasoned and ready to educate and prepare our clients to get in the game. Through web meetings, educational whitepapers and personalized training materials, our UX team will make the complex simple to understand.

How We Help

With the ever-increasing importance of digital marketing and information architecture, you can expect to interact with our developers early and often throughout your project. As you embark on a project with us, be prepared to be involved as we don’t leave clients in the dark on anything technical. We schedule regular meetings and provide easy-to-digest documentation to keep everyone up to date with project process. We analyze solutions and make decisions with you, not for you, so we stay true to the objective and can provide the options available to you.

One benefit of responsive design that is simple to understand is the return on investment after it is developed. Before, our clients would need to deploy two or more website versions for desktop and any other device they wished to optimize an experience for. Not only would they need to go through the design and build process separately and potentially disjointedly, but they would then be strapped with caring for all experiences as if they were multiple standalone sites themselves. We can save you the headache by creating one site exactly for you and your diverse consumers.

The thunder::tech developers begin each responsive design project by following best practices, content hierarchy rules and goal-driven development established through the client discovery process. In the end, our clients and partners get the best experience for their customers and users across the widest array of devices possible.

Web Development Skills

We have logged hundreds of thousands of development hours in the following technologies and many more not listed:

  • ASP.NET, C# and VB
  • PHP
  • CSS, HTML5
  • MS SQL / T-SQL / MySQL
  • JavaScript / JQuery
  • Web Services / APIs / WCF / XML

Web Development Solutions

Our clients understand the pressures of today’s Internet and the speed at which new technologies and services are developed and leveraged. They understand the importance of detail and applying best practices to every effort.

We won’t build a solution just because it’s the next shiny object. We build and develop with deliberate goals and objectives, always paying attention to security and scaling for the future.

That’s why our clients continue to call on our Development Team as if we were that brainy neighborhood kid down the street.

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