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a dynamic digital presence

Make sure your web design reflects your brand, speaks to your users and helps people easily find what they need in an elegant and stylish way.

What It Is

Our website design capabilities allow us to create a completely new brand and implement it into your digital presence. We are equally comfortable following your existing brand standards and incorporating your established identity into a website refresh. Either way, we create websites that are reflective of your company’s culture while remaining user-friendly and easy to locate.

What We Think

Web design is a specialty at thunder::tech. We have extensive experience designing sites that catch the eye and help our clients shift their web presence from an industry standard to a competitive differentiator.

How We Help

With the ever-shifting landscape of digital, we consider fluid designs that can be easily adapted to a variety of formats—be it desktop, mobile, Internet-enabled television or tablet.

Bold Web Design Starts with Strong Discovery

Our in-house Web Design Team starts off by getting to know you and your brand, and what you want for your website. We ask you questions to help get a clear understanding of where you want to be and what your users need.

Sitemap and Frame Design by User Needs

Once we know what you and your clients need, we then work closely with our User Experience (UX) and Optimization teams so that our designs take every aspect into account. Our UX Team starts off by working with our Optimization Team to make sure every sitemap accounts for users’ needs and patterns.

Your website’s users need to know where everything is before they even get there. That’s why our UX Team takes years of UX studies into consideration, ensuring your users have a wonderful experience across any platform.

The Design Becomes a Reality

While all of the above has been going on, our Design Team has be evaluating colors, fonts, designs, styles, imagery and a myriad of other factors. Once we work together to develop a wireframe, our web designers start working their magic.

Because we want our clients to be happy with their new website, we work off your feedback and refine and adapt what you have until you can officially say, “This is perfect.”

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