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Howdy! We’re thunder::tech, an integrated marketing agency

We combine Web, advertising, graphic design, public relations and multimedia services into fully integrated marketing solutions.

Over the last decade in business, we’ve become a marketing agency of choice for middle market companies and brands looking to grow and challenge their marketplace.

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Go beyond basic demographics with customer personas

For years, companies have used basic customer demographics and behaviors to craft marketing plans and ad buys. But what if you want to go deeper?

In this whiteboard edition of our monthly video series, Good Morning Marketers, thunder::tech Creative Director Craig Israel shows how brands can take the customer data they’ve been collecting and bring it to life with customer personas. Israel explains how using simple customer data to paint a picture of the real people buying goods and services will help marketers create messaging that resonates with customers and creates a stronger connection.... read more

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We offer 5 different email lists to update you on marketing sector new...

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thunder::tech featured as workplace with great employee perks

Fresh Water Cleveland featured us in recent employer profile... read more

Kentico names our integrated website project to top 10 list

The Cleveland Museum of Natural History website we built recognized by Kentico... read more

thunder::tech names communications department manager

Cleveland-based integrated marketing agency also adds two in Account Services Department... read more

See some of thunder::tech's best video work in 1 minute

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Ever wonder how the four squares (double colons) became part of our v...

Ever wonder how the four squares (double colons) became part of our visual brand? Find out what puts the :: in thunder::tech!

Why the four squares? A thunder::tech history lesson.
Our most inquisitive clients and potential team member candidates regularly bring up questions about our visual brand, especially around the four squares (double colons) in our name. So, we figured we’d officially answer this common question. Our Basic Spiel The four squares stand for thunder::tech'…... read more

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