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We combine Web, advertising, graphic design, public relations and multimedia services into fully integrated marketing solutions.

Over the last decade in business, we’ve become a marketing agency of choice for middle market companies and brands looking to grow and challenge their marketplace.

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Ultra HD/4K Update (July 2014)

You may have heard the terms Ultra HD or 4K, but do you really know what they mean?

Ultra High Definition, or Ultra HD, is the next digital format to eventually take over HD. When it comes down to it, the main difference is really just an increase in number of pixels. If you were to take a grid of 2x2 full HD TV’s and cram all those pixels into one display, essentially that would be 4K. This would be like comparing Retina display on a current iPhone to a regular display on an older model. The Ultra HD spec also includes 8K, but based on where the industry is heading, consumer 8K is still far off (although for movie theaters, not as far off). Aside from a much higher resolution image, similar to the look of a high-end photographic print, Ultra HD also offers higher frame rates for smoother motion and greater color depth.

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The t::team is proud to announce the launch of five websites for Tran...

The t::team is proud to announce the launch of five websites for Transtar Industries, Inc.! From design and development to support and SEO, these responsive sites will rev your engine. Open the hood & take a look::

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