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Over the last decade in business, we’ve become a marketing agency of choice for middle market companies and brands looking to grow and challenge their marketplace.

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Facebook changes force brands to evolve social marketing

If your brand has been a power user of Facebook, then by now you've seen and hopefully read about the fading organic reach of marketers on the mother of all social networks. Facebook has acknowledged these changes to their news feed algorithm starting back at the end of 2013.
Nationally, organic reach is being reported at around 6%, although there's variation in the numbers. Engaged brands with smart posting strategies seem be doing well, with their results in the low double digits, but are still acquiring less audience reach than a year ago. Don’t be surprised if you see your reach as low as 1-2%.

Being willing to “pay to play” on Facebook is becoming more accepted by brands and also fueling record revenue for the network, so we can be sure it won't be going back to its old ways anytime soon. There's upside to a balance of organic and paid reach, and in some eyes, Facebook is still a bargain with a paid component based on targeting, traceability and cost.

Don't expect the social media “pay to play” practice to stop just at Facebook. Twitter has been rumored to be tooling around with an algorithm to control the stream of posts the same way that Facebook did and we would bet that this is also a revenue grab from brands that want to be guaranteed they'll be seen. So, why wouldn't this eventually extend to Pinterest, Instagram and others?... read more

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We called out the #DazzleCLE team at PlayhouseSquare to complete the ...

We called out the #DazzleCLE team at PlayhouseSquare to complete the ALS #IceBucketChallenge and they accepted! The GE Chandelier is the definitely the perfect backdrop.

Our Marketing Dept. accepts the #ALSicebucketchallenge from Stephanie Anderson and Thunder::Tech in memory of our dear former colleague John K. We challenge Cleveland Play House, Great Lakes Theater, and Positively Cleveland. You have 24 hours! Support the cause and donate to the ALS Association http://www.alsa.org/donate. #DazzleCLE #ThisIsCLE... read more

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