Social Media Update - September 2013

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  • 9/25/2013
    Pinterest Experiments with Promoted Pins
    Promoted posts (or rather, pins) are coming to Pinterest soon. While this booming social network has already introduced “rich pins” and started to offer personalized recommendations to users, promoted pins will be reserved for select business accounts and appear only in search and category results initially, not user streams. We know what you’re thinking… “Seriously? Just let me pin in peace without annoying neon-colored banner ads getting in the way!”

    Good news is Pinterest says they are determined to make promoted pins blend in, while at the same time making it noticeable and clear that these pins are in fact paid advertisements. Promoted pins will also stay relevant to users’ interests to keep them pinning happily. For now this is just an experiment, so we’ll see what happens next. Be sure to check back for more updates.

    The Social Media Scene Outside the U.S.
    Here in the U.S., we tend to think of ourselves as the home of social media. That’s sort of true, but only to the extent that we are aware of what else is out there for the rest of the world.

    Recently, a couple of articles from Forbes and Bloomberg made us think about how many times a day we don’t think about the social media opportunities outside of our comfort zone. And especially if we’re part of international or even B2B companies, that mindset could really be hurting our overall marketing efforts.

    Just because Facebook is huge for our customers here, it doesn’t mean we can ignore outlets like orkut and potentially reaching a new level of engagement with a previously undiscovered audience. Think about this – China is restricted from using Facebook and Twitter, but mobile Internet use is growing up to 10 percent every six months to the tune of 464 million users. What are they doing on those phones? QQ and WeChat perhaps?

    We’re not saying go out and get involved with these channels, but we are saying you should know what’s out there. You never know when you might have a great idea about how to reach a new audience and exactly where to find them.

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    A coffee mug can say a lot about a person. Do you have a crooked sense of humor? Are you a world traveler and collect mugs as you go? Someone who should not be spoken to until the first gallon is down the pipe? Well that’s our theory anyway, and we’re off to prove just how special our team is through their #MugShots.

    Check out our photo series on Instagram and feel free to submit your favorite mug to us via Facebook or Twitter! Happy caffeine guzzling!

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