thunder::tech provides a variety of marketing services including Web, advertising, graphic design, public relations and multimedia services. We built this integrated marketing agency model by combining our skills and building these departments all in-house in order to provide a comprehensive approach to marketing.


Your advertising has to do more than just tell people you’re out there. It has to engage your audience. It has to make them remember you. Get an idea of everything thunder::tech can do to help your advertising.


You brand will reach audiences without you even trying and speak volumes about who you are. Is your brand sending the right message? Let thunder::tech show you what we can do to enhance your brand.


Whether you need to reach internal or external audiences our team works with you to tailor your message to be both creative and effective. Our communication experts can talk to literally anyone. Let us show you how.

Graphic Design

Your visuals should be eye catching and memorable. Everything from your business cards to your website should stand out in a crowd. Get to know our graphic design experts and how they'll make sure you're unique.

Web Design and Development

From microsites to advanced business critical web applications, thunder::tech has met each challenge clients have come to us with. See how our skilled website and application experts can create anything you need.

Marketing Optimization

Marketing optimization looks at everything from what you say on site, to how you interact offsite. We look at everything so you don't have to. Let our optimization experts show you all the ways you could be doing more with your marketing.

Multimedia Creation

When done just right, your media can reach a wide audience. Our team has the skills to stand out and create something awesome. Let our creative masterminds show you everything that they can cook up.

Social Media

Social media is more thank just "Likes" and "Followers." Our team makes sure it's working hard to reach your unique business goals. Start seeing how our team can help you engage your users and be more than a brand.

Media Relations

From local, regional and national media outlets to trade and online media, our team will help tell your story and recommend the best story angles to pursue. Let our media relations experts help you understand the media landscape and then master it.

Whether clients partner with us for one particular talent, or bring all of their marketing needs to us, thunder::tech offers an integrated way of thinking for every challenge we face.

Integrated marketing wasn’t something we started doing because it was the “next big thing” in our field. We’ve had these skill sets under the same roof since the early 2000s and have expanded the team and services throughout the years. So, on top of Web design, print advertising, video production and media relations, we offer social media development, full marketing optimization (from SEO to offline optimization), 3-D video services, application development and media planning and buying.

As an integrated marketing agency, we have and will continue to evolve and adapt as the needs of our clients, our consumers and our industry change. This is our promise to our clients.
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