Brand Management

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For your brand to remain relevant and thrive, you have to carefully manage it. This means monitoring your customers' interactions with your brand on and offline.

What It Is

For your brand to remain relevant and thrive, you have to carefully manage it. This includes keeping a close eye on the brand conversation in social media and periodically “taking the temperature” of the brand to assure that it is still timely, relevant and important to your customers.

What We Think

A once-quarterly brand review simply won’t cut it. To effectively manage your brand, you need to keep a vigilant eye on it at all times. What is your brand becoming? How is your brand viewed? Who is talking about your brand? Let us keep watch and be your own personal Batman.

How We Help

Brand Management

Managing your brand requires that every touch point be carefully crafted to delivery on the brand promise and propel your company forward. thunder::tech can help you establish or evolve brand standards and guidelines that help your organization maintain brand equity with a consistent and cohesive look, feel and voice for all channels—internal and external.

All brands change over time, and if you are considering changing or evolving yours, thunder::tech can manage this process so it isn’t confusing or jarring to your customers, and is comfortable and effortless for your internal stakeholders.

Brand Monitoring

If you brand is currently performing well, thunder::tech will develop strategy that continues your business down this successful path toward your future goals. Using a variety of tools and research methods, thunder::tech will monitor the level of customer engagement with your brand, especially noting any negative change in engagement that could be a precursor to declining sales. Proactive monitoring allows the brand to be nimble and make adjustments as needed to overcome potential hurdles in the sales cycle.

The social conversation is also closely monitored and guided to keep the buzz around your brand positive. And if there is an unfortunate incident that causes significant brand backlash, thunder::tech goes on full crisis communications mode, helping to address the issue, resolve it as quickly as possible, and steer the conversation back to familiar ground.

To keep you in the loop at all times, we establish a reporting schedule that best fits with your business model, be it weekly, monthly, quarterly or some other time frame that aligns with your needs.

Regardless of your company’s size, it’s important to periodically revisit the brand messaging to assure that it is still representational of your organization. Corporate goals and strategies change and evolve—if your brand positioning has shifted, you can quickly pivot to keep the brand on track.

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