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We engage your audiences on all of your social media platforms to improve your bottom line and help you reach your business goals. Let us show you how to get your message across and motivate your followers to take action.

What It Is

It is completely possible to measure social media marketing efforts, but before diving into a social media campaign, it is important to specify goals and determine benchmarks to measure for success.

What We Think

Social media sometimes gets a bad rap in the marketing industry. It is often said that there is no way to measure social media marketing success, return on investment (ROI) or to know if it will actually help a brand reach its audiences and marketing goals. We also hear that the Loch Ness Monster is alive and kickin’, so don’t listen to everything you hear.

How We Help

First, we will collaborate with you to establish campaign goals and objectives and determine what combination of tools we can use to monitor and measure marketing results. We use the top industry reporting tools that allow us to review and compare your social media success, set new goals and monitor the types of conversations taking place online about your brand and even your competitors.

Next, thunder::tech will provide you with up-to-date reports and analytics that include important statistics from all your social media channels. These reports are typically delivered monthly, but based on your needs we can deliver the reports as frequently as each week, as a quarterly recap or anything in between. Some clients also find end-of-year reports to be quite helpful in determining the next year's marketing strategy.

Each brand is different, but some standard benchmarks for brands to measure include:
  • Social media and online mentions to chart where your audience is and what they’re saying
  • Social media referrals to the brand website to see what social media driven content is working to provide lead generation and/or to complete goals
  • Top authors and influencers you can target as brand ambassadors
  • Growth and audience engagement broken down by specific social media channel

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