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  • Episode 108 - Website E-commerce Solutions

    When it comes to developing a plan on which e-commerce platform is best for your website, there are a few items you will want to consider, Monolithic vs. Decoupled. Both have pros and cons and should be taken into consideration before making decisions. On this episode, joining Creative Director and host Craig Israel is Matt Waler, Frontend Developer, to break down which solution would best fit your business and goals. This is one podcast you won’t want to miss.

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  • Life as a t::t Intern: How To Maximize Your Internship Experience

    “What I learned at boating school is…”
    If you remember that Spongebob quote you can relate to the struggle of recapping your learning experiences. For many students, internships are the best learning experiences you will ever have. They build your skills and help launch you into your career (scary, huh?).

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  • YouTube Advertising 101 - Your Guide for Success in 2019

    Do you ever wonder how many hours of video are watched on YouTube each day? According to an article from Brandwatch, we as users, watch over 1 billion hours of video on YouTube daily. That’s approximately 60 billion minutes. To put that in perspective, there are 1,440 minutes per day… that’s crazy!

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  • Digital Out-of-Home Advertising: Types and Trends

    This probably isn’t too surprising: The demand for and the availability of digital out-of-home advertising has grown to the point where ad spend now exceeds that of traditional out-of-home advertising. This growth has been driven by the increasing ability to dynamically change the creative aspects in real time to deliver better targeted messages.

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