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From navigating today’s media landscape to help tell your story to crafting your brand’s messaging for web or print, we have the right words and strategy to make you stand out.
  • Performance Marketing

    Performance Marketing encapsulates nearly all measurable marketing strategies which improve the performance of your brand, bringing together executions across a range of digital channels.

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  • Influencer Marketing

    Influencer marketing bridges the gap between your brand and your target customers. We can help you tell your brand’s story through influential social media ambassadors, bloggers and vloggers. Increase awareness, earn trust and drive engagement by adding an influencer marketing initiative to your overall marketing strategy.
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  • Email Marketing Image

    Email Marketing

    Because anyone can send or receive an email, the importance of strategic email marketing often gets lost in the communication shuffle. Our team can help you integrate email marketing into almost any campaign. Being able to reach out capture your users can be tricky, thunder::tech can help.
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  • Marketing Automation Image

    Marketing Automation

    Kick your customers’ journey up a notch with an automated campaign designed to put your brand in front of your audience at opportune times. With the right data and actions, we can turn leads into sales.

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  • Content Strategy Image

    Content Strategy

    There are many ways to tell your story, and we want to make sure your content strategy is telling it effectively. The digital age provides us more and more communication channels each day.
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  • Copywriting and Copyediting Image

    Copywriting and Copyediting

    Content is king, but for it to rule, it has to be right. thunder::tech can write you some epic prose or simply ensure what you’re saying falls in line with your brand’s tone and message.
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  • Public Relations Strategy Image

    Public Relations Strategy

    Our Communications Department uses our experience and skills to execute marketing campaigns that achieve your goals. We apply best practices we’ve learned from our public relations experts’ years of working with clients to solve public relations challenges big and small.
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  • Communications Analysis

    You distributed your marketing materials to your targeted audiences and executed your entire communications campaign. Now what? We seek out the most effective tools to help us analyze and evaluate our clients’ communications efforts and opportunities. We can track social media mentions, media hits, competitor behavior and email open rates, just a name a few.
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  • Brand Journalism

    As traditional newsrooms scale down and publishing tools and platforms emerge, brands are seizing the opportunity to tell their own story, reaching their audience by creating their own news operations
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  • Event Marketing Image

    Event Marketing

    thunder::tech’s event marketing and coordination expertise will help you organize functions that bring audiences together in a strategic and streamlined way. You have enough to do. Let thunder::tech handle the lights, setup, promotion, invitations, signage, live-streaming and swag.
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  • Crisis Communications

    Crisis communications covers everything from planning ahead for your worst case scenario to handling the fallout from that scenario when it comes to life and applying lessons learned to better prepare for next time.
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  • Marketing Surveys Image

    Marketing Surveys

    For those unique marketing situations where precision and audience targeting are essential, our team can work with you to implement marketing surveys to really get to know your audience. 

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