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  • 4/30/2014

    Pinterest’s new “Guided Search” and what it means to marketers

    What did we do before we could visit a website and search for exactly what we needed to find? I know personally, if I use a site’s search box and find the results to be sub-par, I usually mutter to myself, shake my fist in the air and try a different set of search terms until I find something suitable or give up. We all do it.

    Pinterest knows this about us, as most sites do, and has introduced Guided Search to help give users the most valuable content for their search as possible. How? Based on great Pin descriptions by brands, not playing into an algorithm set!

    The Guided Search is made for exploring options to simple questions with many answers – “Backyard ideas” is a good example. Users can dial down to small yards, yards for dogs, ideas for a tight budget, etc. and all the options are visual. It can get very detailed depending on the filters users select through the Guided Search.

    This is just another tool to help brands and marketers drive users to find their content via good Pin descriptions and board titles.

    Other tips:
    • Think about how your audience searches for information and use those keywords and ideas when writing the titles and descriptions of your Pins and boards.
    • Remember to keep descriptions simple, but, well, descriptive. Clever titles and descriptions are great, but does it help users figure out what you’re talking about?
    • Even your account name is important when it comes to results – Think about “Joe’s Landscaping” vs “Joe’s Landscaping – Small yards on a budget”.
    • If you’re curating or repinning others’ content, don’t be afraid to summarize or rewrite their descriptions too.
    • Stay organized. While pinning, remember the purpose of each board and don’t stretch too far from that type of content. Another board may be more helpful for your users than piling too much info into one board.
    Guided Search is currently available on mobile and rolling out to web soon, so go check out what people are exploring!

    Reminder:: Twitter’s new look is coming!

    If you haven’t activated your new Twitter profile design, you need to know a few things about how the design elements are changing.

    The Quick Info:
    • Profile Picture - 400 x 400 px and scales down
    • Header Photo - 1500 x 1500 px
    • Background Design - Only visible to you now
    What else is there to know?
    • Popular tweets will be emphasized with larger font in the feed
    • Your best tweets can be pinned to the top of your profile (sounds familiar, right?)
    • Users can filter your tweets to see only photos and videos or even see only tweets vs. tweets and replies
    • The mobile apps will look the same, as most have already been updated to the new design

    That’s the skinny on the new design! When you’re ready to launch your new profile, visit on desktop and select to turn it on!

    Other News

    What We’ve Been Up To

    The thunder::tech Social Media Team has been up to their ears with dazzle and glitter helping PlayhouseSquare prepare for its epic Dazzle the District celebration this Friday, May 2. Cleveland’s theater district is unveiling its new look to the public during a special event when its new digital signs and, of course, large, crystal-covered GE Chandelier will finally be lit for all to see. See some of our social media awareness campaign here, and if you’re in the area, please feel free to stop by the celebration!

    About the author::
    Madison Bender is the social media specialist at thunder::tech. She develops social media strategies that help clients reach their overall marketing goals. An easy way to win a place in her heart is with pasta, Milky Ways or any viral video including a goat.
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