Episode 77 - How Data, Privacy and Technology are Impacting Marketing

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  • 4/19/2018
    On this episode two guests from Kentico, Bryan Soltis and Jim Panagas, joined host Craig Israel and Senior Director of Development Bruce Williams in the studio to discuss regulations data collection and storage and storage regulations, user privacy and technology’s impact on content. 

    What You’ll Learn in This Episode

    • The implications of collecting, storing and using user data
    • Why good messaging is more important than the medium used for its delivery
    • How technology is impacting content marketing

    Episode Quotables

    “The GDPR is basically a data protection act that’s supposed to protect the personal data of European citizens, which goes into effect May 25. Most businesses are going to have to make changes to how they collect, store and get rid of customer data over time.”
    “It’s such a wide reaching regulation, and it’s scary because a lot of people who are concerned with how to be in compliance. You absolutely need to be thinking about and educating yourself on the regulation.”
    “For all the doom and gloom that I hear about privacy, one of the positives of it is it has made people really stop and think about where their data is, how much of it is out there. Maybe now’s the time to take a look and lock it down.”
    “You can have the best technology in the world, but you still need that creativity behind it to make the most of it.”
    “There’s a danger with misusing any technology, including a CMS. Now you have the tools, the platform, the technology to mass distribute messages, but are they good messages or are they mediocre messages? It’s important that the right quality of message gets out.”
    “At the end of the day, if I get an email that pops up on my screen at the exact moment I’m standing at shelf, if the message doesn’t connect, or it’s weak or not relevant to me, I’m going to move on.”

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