Takeaways from the Kentico Partner Summit—April 2018

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  • 4/26/2018

    It was Rock Hall Induction Week in Cleveland and The Cars and Bon Jovi along with The Moody Blues and Dire Straits walked the streets of CLE. They weren’t the only rock stars that descended upon the city where rock was born that week. Kentico, an internationally recognized enterprise CMS, and its leading partners throughout North America dropped into our headquarters for an evening of fun followed by a daylong session of discussion and collaboration around a range of topics.

    The purpose of the Kentico Summit is for partners to talk business, discover what is new with Kentico and its products and how to continually improve the solutions that our partnerships provide. And while Kentico and its partners were here, we couldn’t resist sharing some Cleveland fare from Brewnuts and Slyman’s—along with some Campbell’s popcorn for the road.

    The day centered on driving growth. Our own Bruce Williams, Senior Director of Development, presented on the current state and climate of digital agencies. He led the group in exploring common growth killers, ways to drive growth, service models being used today with digital agencies and examples of projects we all can offer clients to accelerate agency and client growth in the digital marketing segment.

    How do we as agencies think below the surface of a customer request and truly understand root causes behind why?

    Rob Bean, Refactored Media Partner and Summit Organizer, spoke on an excellent case study of how his team was able to execute a digital transformation using a growth mindset from the beginning. Essentially, the question he posed was how do we as agencies think below the surface of a customer request and truly understand root causes behind why? How can we explore underlying pain points to keep us from solely treating symptoms and missing bigger transformative opportunities with our clients that will prevent future ills?

    Brian McKeiver, BizStream Co-Owner and Summit Organizer, then took the stage to walk through a case study titled, “When Growth Turns Into Overgrown Weeks, and How RoundUp Doesn’t Help.” It was a great analysis of how the team came in to salvage a client’s business-critical web solution and how they handled the intense project, technical needs and out-of-office demands they encountered during the process.

    Finally, the day wrapped up with a great update from Kentico on the future roadmap for the enterprise CMS, Kentico Cloud with Kentico 12 (K12 Raptor) and the upcoming BETA milestone. Not to be outdone, Kentico Cloud’s Bryan Soltis highlighted the roadmap for the company’s future vision and opened the floor to feedback and recommendations. That is one shining reason why we at thunder::tech believe Kentico is such an innovative company today.

    Before we let everyone leave, we were able to produce a great podcast with Bryan Soltis and Jim Panagas, both of Kentico.

    Take a listen and share your feedback with us, and watch our Kentico Partner Summit recap video below.

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