thunder::tech’s National Food Group Site Named Kentico Site of the Year Winner

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  • 5/1/2019
    National Food Group (NFG) is one of the nation’s largest wholesale distributors of pre-packaged and processed foods for a variety of industrial food service facilities, including K-12 schools, correctional facilities, colleges and universities, healthcare facilities and entertainment venues. With limited functionality and accessibility on their website, the brand was struggling to showcase its company culture and innovative food solutions. 
    Enter thunder::tech.
    Like most major website redesign initiatives happening today, thunder::tech knew that a digital transformation was imperative for National Food Group’s website, especially when it came to having a successful online ordering process. Our team completely transformed the website to illustrate the brand’s capabilities by integrating it with other marketing and sales platforms, resulting in increased customer logins and product engagement. 
    The outcome? An internationally recognized, Kentico award-winning website with a title to match - the Kentico Site of the Year.
    “I love that we’re providing such an improved experience for our customers and partners...We want to help customers get what they need in a variety of ways, so we can work with them in whichever ways are best for their business,” says Kristine Buyers, Creative Services Team Leader at National Food Group.
    Kentico is an internationally renowned, adopted and thriving enterprise web content management system (WCM). With its help, our team was able to seamlessly map all of the creative and technical requirements for National Food Group’s website and continue using the web process and flow that has created more than 50 high-performing websites in the last 16 months. thunder::tech has won 17 site-of-the-month awards throughout our partnership with Kentico - three of which were won consecutively in the last three months of 2018. 
    “When you put customers at the center and assemble a team of experts in user experience, design and front-end development, you create something that makes customers’ lives better and great things happen. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results,” says Bruce Williams, Vice President Development Department.
    Kentico has always ensured that its partners have the resources available to perfect their craft and understand the platform’s framework. We would not have obtained this award without the help of Kentico as well as the software development, user experience design, front-end development, search engine optimization and creative talent present on the project. A site of the year award was a level of recognition that we were driven to win. Its deep expertise in a variety of areas has powered our victories to the point and we are extremely proud to add to the list. 
    We are proud to be a Kentico Gold Partner and to have had the opportunity to serve and collaborate with the fast-growing company, National Food Group.
    Now, please hold while we eagerly await the major award box marked "FRAGILE” so we can proudly display it in our front window.
    See more on the website’s transformation here.
    Want to learn more about thunder::tech’s website design capabilities? Contact us today!
    About the author::Bruce Williams is the Vice President Development Department at thunder::tech. He charts paths with clients to get the most out of digital technology and design. He prefers Marvel over DC and will always be CLE.
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