Episode 124: Social Media in 2020

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  • 4/23/2020
    In this episode of thunder::cast, we welcome Alyssa Santoli, Social Media and PR Manager at Vitamix, and Danyelle Kupfer, Social Media Specialist at thunder::tech to break down their experiences with social media and how it can best fit into your communications strategy in 2020. 

    What You’ll Learn in This Episode

    • The art of differentiating your message across different social media channels.
    • How to strategically balance organic and paid posts in a way that resonates with your audience without overselling. 
    • How to develop social media creative for a business with a decidedly non-sexy product.
    • Managing your social media and adjusting your message in times of crisis like COVID-19.
    • The most important things for businesses to keep in mind when starting or revamping their social media presence. 

    Episode Quotables 

    “I love organic because it’s very personable and emotional... Organic is genuine and people engage with it because they love your brand.”
    “We can’t overwhelm our audiences with constant push, we have to give them that balance of two-way conversation and make them feel like they're really talking to us as a brand and we’re listening.”
    “There is so much value in getting scrappy and making your own creative without a full photoshoot.”
    “My team and I are constantly talking about what’s next for us on our social channels. If you try to do every single channel that’s available out there and speak to every single person that's out there, you’re going to run yourself ragged really fast. Finding a way to focus on the channels that can be most successful based on your audience is a great first step.”

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