Episode 84 - Trends Summer Reader 2018: Four-step Brand Management Plan

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  • 8/16/2018
    One of the five-part series of podcasts connected to our 2018 Trends Summer Reader publication. Brock Richards, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Pro Football Hall of Fame, makes an appearance on the pod to provide insight into how the Hall continues to grow and evolve the brand to meet consumer demands. 

    What You’ll Learn in This Episode

    • How to tackle brand management for your business
    • The process for creating a new sub-brand under your larger brand
    • What to consider when evolving your established brand

    Episode Quotables

    “I wish I could tell you that we have a tried and true process for building and developing sub-brands, but we don’t. When we do introduce a new brand under the Hall of Fame banner, we do give some thought to how it’s going to used, where it’s going to be used, and does it represent more than just a particular event or program we’re doing.” 
    “Anytime you’re talking about managing your brand, you have to have a handle on what those brands are.” 
    “When we say standardize, we’re talking about consistency across the different brands. They don’t all have to be the same or cookie-cutter, but you have a family of brands that all feel like they belong together, but still if you put them side by side, they’re very distinct.” 
    “I always like to start with the why. Why are we doing something? Why are we doing a campaign and what does it represent? That inspires all of us to better understand.” 

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