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  • 8/21/2018

    As the days leading up to my college graduation rapidly approached, I found myself feeling slightly panicked (and a little lightheaded) at the thought of having to become an “actual adult” and begin a “real career” so soon. With public relations being such a vast field applicable to many industries, I knew I had a background that would allow me a lot of freedom when choosing a career path. And while freedom can be, well, freeing, it can also be quite terrifying, as there is no direct path to take.

    Being the Type A person that I am, I knew I needed a next step. After much deliberation (and several pros/cons lists later), I decided the best next step would be to find an environment where I could continue learning and applying myself without the constraints of being fully committed to a specific place or position. This brought me to – yep, you guessed it – another internship.

    Enter thunder::tech.

    Knowing I wanted my next geographical step to be Cleveland, I – quite literally – searched “best PR/marketing agencies in Cleveland” and pressed enter. Sitting among the top results was – you guessed it again – thunder::tech. I immediately delved into its website, stalked its social media and looked into what current positions were available. The second I saw ‘Communications Intern’ as an open position, I applied. Within a couple of weeks I was contacted, interviewed and offered the position—quick and painless. So quick and painless, in fact, that I started to think, “Alright, what’s the catch?”

    But there was no catch—just an efficient agency looking to help grow a young professional like myself.

    And while I was ecstatic about the opportunity to start working and to continue learning, I didn’t know at the time how much I would actually learn and grow during my time here.

    I recently came to the realization that I am more than halfway done with my internship at thunder::tech. And as I reflect on the past two months, I can’t help but feel a sense of gratitude for the people and the place I have grown so accustomed to. I was not only welcomed by thunder::tech with open arms (and free food, I might add) but also respect and consideration for who I was and what I wanted to get out of my time here.

    Since day one, I have consistently been asked, “How can we make this the best experience possible for you?” To this day, every topic, project or client I have asked to be involved with—and even some I haven’t—they have found a way to integrate me in any way they can.

    From hopping in on internal brainstorming meetings to listening in on or attending external client calls and presentations, thunder::tech has exposed me to how an agency truly works at all stages and has included me during every step of the process.

    Having the title, ‘Communications Intern,’ a lot of people ask me, “So, what do you actually do?” I think the real question is, “What don’t I do?” I’ve had a hand in curating social content, conducting SEO research, auditing and reporting both internally and externally (not to mention an entire laundry list of other tasks I’d have to expand on in another blog). I have grown much more confident in my ability to use industry-favored applications, including Google Analytics, Data Studio and SEMrush. I have written blog content, chimed in on overall content strategy and learned the ins and outs of true advertising.

    While I am not someone who is typically at a loss for words, it’s hard to articulate what I have gained throughout this experience. What I’ve gained is much more than some fancy words or set of skills to add to my resume. It’s the confidence in my abilities and the comfort in knowing I have chosen the right career path that has impacted me the most.

    This industry is fast-paced and ever-changing but also rewarding and, honestly, just fun. thunder::tech has shown me what a great company culture looks like and that “work” doesn’t have to be a scary word filled with negative connotations but one filled with drive and initiative (and, if you’re lucky, cute office dogs).

    Thank you t::t for taking me in and helping me transform into an “actual adult” who is now fully ready to take on a “real career.”

    About the author::Caroline Melloh is the current intern in thunder::tech's Communications Department. When she's not assisting with all things Comms, you can find her buying overpriced coffee with her nose in a book.
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