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  • 8/11/2020
    The following is a letter from thunder::tech president Jason Therrien recapping the first half of the strangest year in recent memory and giving an update on how our agency has fared through it all. 2020 has thrown its fair share of curve balls, but the t:: team has been knocking every one out of the park!

    thunder::tech has always believed in combining creativity and science to accelerate brands. We've been able to show this and shine through a global pandemic for over five months now. So far, despite the roller coaster we've all been living through, 2020 has been a great year to be a digital-first marketing agency with nimbleness and customer service baked into our DNA.
    Our Cleveland marketing agency headquarters started the year off strong with several great new business wins. While the pandemic led to initial uncertainty, our in-house digital services remained a necessity for many brands looking to survive the coronavirus-related shut downs. There’s been an adjustment period for everyone, but the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly created an increased need for speed, data and true digital proficiency. Now that everything has moved online, our brands' customers absolutely expect top quality digital performance.
    Because we work with a number of different clients in diverse industries across the world, we were able to see the pandemic unfolding early on. It became clear that the virus would affect accounts and consumers differently based on where they lived and worked. That’s why one of our first approaches to the COVID-19 pandemic was to help clients by creating marketing resources centered on education, trend-spotting and idea generation. Our team did a tremendous job publishing 17 articles over just a couple of months, all of which can be found in our COVID-19 Marketing Resource library. We are adding new content every week to help clients find their path through the fog of uncertainty. And, as the pandemic seems far from over, we will continue these efforts to help marketers adapt and take advantage of the changing landscape.
    We have also tallied some excellent account wins and new work to show for our efforts. We had new client additions across the country, especially in the Great Lakes region, from Chicago, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York. Here are a few new additions of note in our main industry category practices:
    • We saw continued momentum in our consumer marketing category with the additions of ServiceMaster DSI as well as a super regional bank. We also expanded existing work for a top 100 grocery chain.
    • Our food and beverage marketing category had a big win with a regional brewery, Saucy Brew Works! The thunder::tech team has already started work to assist them with marketing their four Cleveland locations as well as their new Columbus and Detroit venues (opening soon!).
    • The B2B sector saw growth in the technology category as we developed new relationships with TRG Repair and Root Integrated Systems. Specifically, our industrial category stayed strong with a notable new relationship with Chromascape.
    • Even in our destination marketing category, where most brands were significantly impacted by constraints on entertainment and travel, we helped pivot clients through messaging adjustment work and adaption of new revenue models. We hung in with them to serve their audiences that are still dreaming of traveling!
    Finally, and most importantly, we're incredibly proud of the actions of our t::teammates this year. Our human-friendly culture proved resilient as we moved to a flexible work approach, accelerated work for existing clients and developed many significant new relationships. As a result, we find ourselves to be incredibly fortunate to be growing as a marketing agency and hiring for several positions. We are looking for awesome humans to work in a remote capacity and/or within our Cleveland, Detroit and Chicago locations.
    At this point, we can’t assume that 2020 is done throwing us curve balls just yet. We stand ready to meet challenges head on and appreciate the trust so many marketers place with thunder::tech as their marketing agency of choice. Onward, as we invent the future together! 
    About the author::Jason Therrien is the president of thunder::tech. He is a fan of entrepreneurs and trailblazers, a proud dad and he liked scotch before Mad Men made it cool.
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