thunder::cast: Is Your B2B Company E-Commerce Ready?

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  • 12/29/2016
    One of the seven-part series of podcasts connected to our 2017 TRENDS publication. Historically e-commerce has been dominated B2C companies, but a major shift is happening. More than half of all B2B buyers expect to be able to conduct purchases online in three years, and B2B companies are taking notice and getting on board. Our Senior Director of Development Bruce Williams explains the importance of reevaluating your B2B business model, taking advantage of available technology and implementing e-commerce strategies to create effective online experiences. Your willingness to adopt e-commerce could mean the difference between increasing your company’s growth and limiting your ability to compete in the marketplace. 

    B2B e-commerce is an article featured in our 2017 TRENDS publication. Download your free copy of the magazine here.
    To learn more about why your B2B company shpuld be considering e-comerce, listen to our corresponding thunder::cast episode.


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