Episode 92 - Trends Volume 10: What the Amazon Effect Means for Marketers

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  • 12/27/2018
    One of the six-part series of podcasts connected to our 2019 Trends publication. Amazon is at it again and shaking things up in the advertising space. On this episode, Communications Department Manager Madison Letizia breaks down how these changes will impact brands and how they go-to-market and connect with consumers in the online retail space. 

    What You’ll Learn in This Episode

    • How Amazon is changing the way brands advertise to consumers
    • What Amazon Storefronts means for small businesses
    • How to stay competitive in the Amazon ecosystem

    Episode Quotables

    “You talk to anyone around the holiday shopping season, and you’ll get a good taste for exactly what this looks like. So many people don’t even walk into a store anymore. They may walk into specialty small businesses because that’s something they believe in. But if we can have it shipped, we’re more likely to shop that way these days.”
    “We’re seeing that Amazon is starting to talk more about their suite of business tools and opportunities. What they didn’t have, they’ve purchased or they’ve created their own, specifically their advertising. They are now the third largest advertising platform.”
    “Amazon really knows how many people are shopping, what they’re looking for, and they have all this data from years and years they can leverage to remarket or put different products in front of someone who is a suspected buyer. Getting brands on board with that system right now should be an easy sell, but there’s some hesitation around how many of your eggs do you put in one basket and what’s the best plan moving forward.”
    “Amazon Storefronts is an all new and different focus on small business. Amazon has been criticized for shutting down small businesses because of the beast that they are and how easy it is to shop, or you can see it as Amazon lifting up the small guy and exposing them to the globe.”
    “What you’re doing is building within a rented space. It is rented consumers and it’s data from only a singular space. We see this as something that’s happening now, and something that will continue to happen as people want to launch and scale quickly.”

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