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  • 2/5/2019

    Every day, the science fiction we watched and read during the 20th Century is becoming more of a reality. We walk around with computers in our pockets, have cars almost smart enough to drive themselves, shout questions into the air and receive answers from our personal assistants and touch walls that interact and share data with us. 

    The category first thought of as being most impacted by this new reality is retail. With the “Amazonification” of the American consumer, it is not what Amazon has done to traditional retail that is important to dwell on. Rather, for those retail brands still standing (and the rest of us, too), it is the changes in consumer behavior that are forcing retail to evolve quicker than ever before that are worth studying. In fact, our readers have ranked the topic of taking digital into the offline world as their greatest area of interest.

    The trend of integrating digital into physical environments is gaining momentum because it is becoming more expected by consumers and cost-effectively testable by brands. Further, competition from all sides is forcing it. Whether it’s the retail, destination, manufacturing or service category, we all want brands to deliver faster, more personalized experiences to us.

    Let us be clear that having Wi-Fi available, contactless payment readers, ship-to-store options and sales associates armed with mobile devices are becoming table stakes to remain competitive. Your customers are expecting more regardless of your industry.

    In the Exploring Your Personal Space article, you will read about: 

    • Types of Environments

    • Customer Expectations

    • Factors in Brands’ Favor

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