Episode 70 - Trends Volume 9: Preparing Your Brand for a Digital Transformation

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  • 1/11/2018
    One of the six-part series of podcasts connected to our 2018 Trends publication. It’s not enough to “do digital.” The most forward-thinking organizations live and breathe digital. thunder::tech President Jason Therrien and Senior Director of Development Bruce Williams break down what digital transformation means, why strategy is the driver behind digital evolution, and how an organization can evolve its communications, systems and processes to better serve the customer. 

    What You’ll Learn in This Episode

    • What digital transformation means for organizations of all sizes.
    • How organizations can take steps to build a digital transformation strategy.
    • How to glean insights from data to improve the customer experience.

    Episode Quotables

    “Digital transformation is the act of evolving existing communications, promotions, systems and processes to be ready to deliver on the expectations and possibilities of a modern twenty-first century organization.”
    “Digital transformation is coming up more. Almost every middle-market company is looking at this, and even though they may not be putting a label on it, but they’re talking about it more.”
    “First, the mindset is shifting, whether it’s identified or not inside organizations. There’s a shift from doing digital to being digital. If you look at the different touch points within an organization, it’s all up for question at this point as far as strategy.”
    “Self-service is embedded in everything we do from pay at the pump to self-checkout at the grocery store. There’s a definite trend, at least in our country, that people don’t want to have those interactions with humans if they can manage the whole process by themselves.”
    “It is so critical for every brand to have a plan for how it is going to digitize, because the market is going to force them or they will be totally left behind. Brands are understanding the consumerization of digital. Information will be shared digitally, leads will be tracked digitally, questions will be answered in proposals or contracts digitally, so there’s all these steps and some are fairly minor, but that’s where a lot of the quick wins are.”
    “In these exercises, a big component is that you raise the digital competency of your organization overall. We have to understand what are the elements of digital and what information can I glean from and interaction online with a customer to make that next experience better?”
    “Don’t sweat the technology. It’s really about what the technology is doing for you and about the outcomes that you’re desiring from it or your customers are desiring from it. You’ve got to think about the people because the people have to evolve into this new reality.”
    “Digital transformation isn’t a new way of doing business, it is business.”

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