Getting Personal with Data

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  • 1/22/2019

    The party is over. Gone are the days when we, as marketers, could beg, borrow and snag data unbeknownst to our customers, and use it to better target them with slick creative, automations and simply irresistible promotions.

    Man, it was fun. We could literally spin up a database and collect information on customers for any campaign we wanted to conjure up.  

    Did we need IT or infrastructure to hold our hand or police what we were doing? Hell no! Why would we? We had deadlines and results to deliver and, frankly, IT had a lead time of 4-5 weeks that we couldn’t wait on.

    We created landing pages that were hosted on an agency-provided server, powered by Wordpress.  We used a plugin to monitor and capture the information submitted. We fired off some cool, activity-triggered nurture email campaigns aligned with our retargeted ads, and we got some great leads. When we combined those tactics with the ability to export and upload those leads into a big data system that pulled additional layered information on each one, we were rocking and rolling.

    In The Getting Personal with Data article, you will read about: 

    • GDPR

    • The California Consumer Policy Act of 2018

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