Episode 120: Website Platforms Face Off - Marketing Trends 11

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  • 1/30/2020
    Joining host and Creative Director, Craig Israel via Skype is Eric Webb, VP of Sales - North America for Kentico Software and in the studio is Bruce Williams, VP of the Development Department for thunder::tech. The hot topic is headless, monolithic or decoupled. Which platform is best for your brand in 2020? This is the next installment of the six-part series of podcasts connected to our Marketing Trends Vol. 11 publication.

    What You’ll Learn in This Episode

    • The importance of unifying your content across multiple channels while continuing to adapt to emerging channels.
    • The dangers of adding too many non-native capabilities to a monolithic platform.
    • The best CMS platform for your business in 2020. 
    • The benefit of switching to a headless CMS when you’ve already invested in a traditional model.

    Episode Quotables 

    “As organizations grow in size, the volume of engagement channels they’re trying to cultivate increases, their content market strategy gets more complex, they've oftentimes outgrown a lot of the native capabilities that these monolithic solutions provide out of the box… They start to implement these microservice concepts...And as you start to go down that path, the value that they’re getting out of these monolithic solutions becomes less and less. Why are they investing so heavily in a platform that they’re using 30-40% of?”
    “I think we’ve found that the best laboratory for figuring out things for our clients is ourself.”

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