Social WINS from the leading social event in web history, the 2014 World Cup

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  • 7/29/2014
    In offices, bars, streets, homes and even a giant outdoor living room, billions of fans gathered around TVs to cheer on their team in the 2014 World Cup. Glued to their smartphones and tablets, they shared their reactions and interacted on social media – ultimately making the 2014 World Cup the largest social event in web history.

    Over 3 billion Facebook interactions and 672 million tweets were posted about the 2014 #WorldCup, and this doesn’t even begin to account for the overwhelming number of Instagram, Vine and Snapchat uploads. From clever memes and cat-related video reactions to humorous hashtags gone viral, brands, fans and players took part in social media conversations in their attempt to win over followers.

    Who won the social media battle of the wits? Here are the 2014 World Cup best-of-the-best social media WINS::
    • 1. #ThingsTimHowardCouldSave

      U.S. goalkeeper Tim Howard, who saved 16 goals during the World Cup game against Belgium, quickly became a social media WIN. Fans began tweeting #ThingsTimHowardCouldSave as tribute to our soccer-ball-blocking ninja who did everything he could to keep the U.S. in the running for the cup.

      Here’s what fans claim Tim Howard could save:
      • The dinosaurs from extinction
      • The Titanic
      • Blockbuster Video from closing
      • Nickelback

    • 2. Snickers: Luis Suarez Bite

      During the World Cup match between Uruguay and Italy, Luis Suarez sank his teeth into (yes, bit!) his opponent, Italian player Giorgio Chiellini. Many brands took to social to say how they felt about this incident, but Snickers’ witty real-time response was golden. Moments after the bite, the brand tweeted at Suarez telling him to eat a Snickers playing off of their “you’re not you when you’re hungry” campaign. 48,000 retweets later… this was a definite WIN.

      selfie 3. World Cup Selfie

      We just won the 2014 World Cup! … But first, let me take a selfie. German player Lukas Podolski documented his celebration with selfies with teammates and even the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel. The first selfie taken immediately after the victory was of teammate Bastian Schweinsteiger kissing his cheek and has been retweeted more than 93,000 times and received 85,000 favorites. Selfie perfection achieved.

      4. Hyundai: #BecauseFutbol

      Hyundai went all out for the World Cup. Their #BecauseFutbol campaign engaged users through TV commercials and a well-developed social media campaign. From a Tumblr account and engaging GIFs to curated content and personalized fan interaction, Hyundai’s campaign was a winner.
      Because Futbol Hyundai Tweet

      5. Snapchat

      If you’re an avid Snapchat user, you’ll remember receiving a very special surprise during the World Cup final. All Snapchat users were sent a collection of curated snaps from users in Brazil watching and celebrating the World Cup, giving all users a sense of the atmosphere and energy in the country during the game. Here’s a quick look. We could practically smell the turf.

    The World Cup was an exciting time in the thunder::tech office as well. t::team members set up camp in the café to cheer on the U.S. and other favorite teams. Although we didn’t win, we were there for moral support. Maybe next time… #WeStillBelieve!

    About the author::Taylor Horen is a communications coordinator at thunder::tech. She is a John Carroll grad who can’t live a day without checking Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. When she’s not writing posts or studying social analytics, our small-but-mighty team member is planning her next travel adventure and obsessing over anything with polka dots.
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