Episode 105 - Trends Summer Reader 2019: Big Data and User Privacy

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  • 7/3/2019
    One of the five-part series of podcasts connected to our 2019 Trends Summer Reader publication. On this episode, joining host, Craig Israel in the studio is Charlie Laurie, Chief Innovation Officer at Palmer Holland and Bruce Williams, Vice President Development Department at thunder::tech to talk about their personal experience with collecting data and the importance of privacy regulations. 

    What You’ll Learn in This Episode

    • Big data, consumer privacy and how shifting attitudes about the use of that data has impacted marketing today.
    • Palmer Holland’s experience with collecting data and the importance of privacy regulations.

    Episode Quotables 

    “Should I be tracking all of this stuff? Am I using this data for any purpose? Is it really benefiting the customer? Is there a lawyer out there with a quiver of arrows pointing at my company because I have all this data?”
    “We’ve been looking at the last couple of years ramping up our direct email marketing. However I have a huge list of customers that we’ve had opt in. Collected from years and years ago through transitions, sales, smokestaking, any possible way to generate a lead. We’ve got email addresses, phone numbers, all that, that we’ve never asked them “ is it ok that I communicate with you via email?” The hurdle that I have now is that I want to start some direct marketing, but how do I do that? What laws or privacy regulations may i be violating if i just start sending them communications.”

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