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  • 6/12/2018

    The thunder::tech team is proud to bring you our fourth annual Trends Summer Reader magazine.

    This publication was once again born out of our clients’ interest to understand how their peers are taking advantage of marketing trends. Our clients also want to know how others are facing and embracing issues that are similar to theirs, which we cover in the form of client interviews.

    As a continuation from our annual Trends publication released at the beginning of each year, we have compiled stories around five themes that are trending for many of thunder::tech's clients across the globe.

    This year's magazine covers a variety of trends marketers are asking about:

    • Big Data for the Rest of Us - Getting past the hype and embracing analytics
    • Marketing Spreads Through the Enterprise - Dealing with Marketing in all departments
    • The Times They Are A Changin' - Working through brand transformation
    • Getting and Staying on the Path of Digital Transformation - Tales from those already on the journey
    • How to Herd Cats - Four tips to successfully manage the growing components of your brand

    We love watching and writing on these trends, so thank you to all of the marketers who ask for this publication and especially to those who were willing to share their stories with our readers.

    About the author::Jason Therrien is the president of thunder::tech. He is a fan of entrepreneurs and trailblazers, a proud dad and he liked scotch before Mad Men made it cool.
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