Why is Regular Website and Digital Maintenance Support Important?

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  • 6/18/2019
    If you’ve been searching for tips and tricks on how to find an agency to help you and your company grow, look no further. After reviewing over a dozen requests from net new clients, centered on digital support, we have listed and laid out what you should look for below:

    Best Practices:

    Action + Speed
    • Overwhelming requests or aggressive goals and campaigns are common issues clients have brought to our attention. These issues make it challenging for our clients to execute business effectively both by themselves and with their current vendor. 
    • Our well-rounded, but specialty-focused team members can make sure that features are released quickly and effectively with a well-evolved workflow that gives clients oversight.
    • Our Accounts team is well versed in planning, budgeting and prioritizing sprints and unplanned support requests.
    • Digital ADA accessibility, awareness and initiatives are growing throughout the globe and we see it fitting into strategy and execution daily.
    • Our team has handled audits, education and remediation efforts for our clients.
    • Litigation efforts are becoming increasingly prevalent.
    SEO and Performance
    • Being discovered today depends heavily on having an SEO expert on your bench. Our SEO experts and our front-end developers routinely collaborate, especially for any new site launch.
    • This ranges from general schema and performance tuning to new tagging and tracking objectives that need attention. 
    • Not every developer has experience with all of the technologies and platforms today, nor should every developer guide you on creative and UX decision.
    • Our team is made up of rock stars that have built and support the most popular technologies and platforms (and some niche ones too) today.
    • If you need a UX recommendation, SEO or branding consistency, you don’t need to rely on a developer for that either. 
    • We need not cover the urgency of this consideration.
    • Even a hint at security vulnerabilities and stolen data today can torpedo a business quickly. 
    • 90% of hacked websites in 2018 were Wordpress. It can and will happen to you and your website if you don’t proactively provide coverage for DDOS, SQL Injection and other bot attacks. If not adequately planned for, every CMS is vulnerable.
    • Marketers strive to provide a personalized experience for their clients. A daisy chain of adjacent systems and databases containing customer or transactional data will pave that personalized path.
    • GDPR and California’s recent legislation along with the many headline-grabbing events around the globe underscore the need to provide attention to this element of business today.
    • Marketers need to minimally be familiar with this topic and the need for discretion and care of customer data.
    • A great starting point is to map out your customer journey and its many touchpoints.

    How we approach support:

    • Through our innovations, training and technology, we can report back on how every hour supports our clients.
    • We can plan with our clients and help forecast sprints, releases and campaigns. 
    • We can easily spot trends, high-level issues and cost drivers with any architecture or digital needs you have. All of it contributes to saving you money.
    • Not everyone is going to need the same support commitment. It may vary drastically from aggressive and well-funded marketing teams to ones that rely on shoestring budgets and resourcefulness.  
    • Understand what your parameters are and make it known. We have specialists in major disciplines of digital today and, depending on need, you may be comfortable doing something yourself after a quick consult with an expert.
    • We offer support to a wide range of clients, and with that comes different context for support use.  Some clients have internal teams. Others have a team of one. 
    • Sometimes a problem requires a front-end fix. Other times, it is imperative to get an SEO experts direction.
    • We afford our clients control over not just HTML and Javascript, but their full digital footprint, interests and toolsets by having a more fully represented team available.

    In all, the need for a development team has never been greater as they help mitigate issues, give progress updates and digital opportunities and overall help see projects through. In the last few years, we’ve seen a trend where internal staff are brought on to handle many of a company’s digital needs. While there are cases in which this works brilliantly, there are also scenarios where the ROI for a developer (with FTE developer costs) does not garner the results your team wants or needs. In fact, internal developers can often be a shared resource that are able to field cross-departmental requests, so you and your team’s to-dos will not be the lone focus.
    Think you could do more if you only had a Digital Support team at your disposal? Contact us today and see how we can help!
    About the author::Bruce Williams is the Vice President Development Department at thunder::tech. He charts paths with clients to get the most out of digital technology and design. He prefers Marvel over DC and will always be CLE.
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