WEBINAR: Shifting from Traditional B2B to DTC in Response to Crisis

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  • 6/23/2020
    Does your brand offer direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales options? Are you looking for ways to actively get down with DTC, especially during the pandemic?

    The Chef's Garden, a high-end farm that grows a wide selection of unique vegetables using sustainable farming techniques, used to sell exclusively B2B. They delivered veggies and greens to local restaurants and other businesses in need of delicious micronutrients. But when restaurants closed down earlier this year, it became clear they needed to reach a new audience, quickly. Enter thunder::tech and the DTC sales strategy.

    From B2B to DTC: Watch the webinar now

    Get the scoop with thunder::tech's vice president of the development department, Bruce Williams, in his webinar with Xperience by Kentico on the topic of pivoting from B2B to DTC and jumping ahead on your digital road map. His team had a huge role in leveraging Kentico to strategically grow the The Chef's Garden's online sales with a new consumer audience.

    With a tenure of 18 years with the agency, Bruce focuses on thunder::tech's digital transformation services; e-commerce solutions provided by multi-disciplined teams; and development of internal resources, talent and skill sets with external partners, including Kentico. He has earned Kentico Certified Marketer and Certified Developer status.
    Watch the webinar below to learn how one brand, agency and platform team leveraged a flexible, yet robust, digital experience platform to bring about a transformational response to this crisis. You'll see the issues and challenges that were preempted, thrust upon the stakeholders and also discovered during this digital transformation and response—and how they were overcome.

    From 30-50 orders to month to thousands of orders, this is how The Chef's Garden went DTC, and how you can pivot your business, too!
    Interested in transforming your B2B business model to reach new consumer audiences? We've done it before! Get in touch and let's talk DTC.
    About the author::Bruce Williams is the Vice President Development Department at thunder::tech. He charts paths with clients to get the most out of digital technology and design. He prefers Marvel over DC and will always be CLE.
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