Episode 78 - Creating an Effective Email Marketing Strategy

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  • 5/3/2018
    Email is one of the most effective tools in a marketer’s toolbox, but it requires planning to generate big results. On this episode, thunder::tech Marketing Automation Specialist Casey Braun discusses the importance of having an email marketing strategy before getting started, shares how to avoid common email pitfalls and explains how to optimize emails to achieve the highest ROI.

    What You’ll Learn in This Episode

    • How to build a relationship with consumers via email
    • How to increase email deliverability
    • How to measure the success of your email marketing 

    Episode Quotables

    “People hate irrelevant email. When we talk about email marketing, we’re talking about opt-in or permission-based marketing. We’re only sending email to people who have asked for it.”  
    “Email is a low-barrier to entry for what you get back. With email, especially if you’ve got a list of some kind that you can just bring into a platform, like a MailChimp, you can get going on branded email without the MailChimp logos all over it for about $10 or $15 a month and then you’ll get back whatever it is you’re selling.” 
    “Email marketing strategy is what helps you avoid these pitfalls and this is why we like to have clients come to us before they start doing any email whatsoever, and ask what do I need to know and what do I need to do to make this successful.”
    “You can bring in a list or have list acquisition strategies, but if you don’t have an email marketing strategy behind it to provide the content and the relevancy that your subscribers are looking for, you’re going to have things like disengagement, unsubscribes or even spam complaints.” 
    “Email marketing services don’t have to deliver your emails. Services like Gmail are delivering your messages as long as you have a good reputation in their book, so it’s important to have a strategy to engage subscribers to keep your reputation in good standing with all the email service providers.”  
    “With a lot of email marketing, people have a tendency to jump right to the sale or the product they’re pushing. Whenever you’re beginning an email marketing program, you want to invest a little time and energy into coming up with a strategic onboarding process to explain the value proposition right from the beginning.” 
    “Simple is better when designing for email. It’s not as sexy or exciting as designing a website, microsite or landing page, but it’s functional and gets you the results you need.”  

    Read the corresponding blog post to learn more about the importance of having an email strategy.  

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