Episode 79 - How to Reach Your Audience with Social Media Ad Targeting

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  • 5/17/2018
    Digital data collection and user privacy remain hot button issues following the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal that’s dominated the headlines. On this episode, thunder::tech Communications Department Manager Madison Letizia addresses the potential impact of social media ad targeting. She breaks down audience matching, ethical data collection and what marketers should keep in mind when targeting users on social media.

    What You’ll Learn in This Episode

    • How to leverage underused targeting options
    • What is audience matching and how you can use it to create a richer user experience
    • Why marketers should be transparent about how user information is being gathered

    Episode Quotables

    “Now everyone is either better informed or informed for the first time about what all those boxes you’re checking, giving permission, and apps you’re authorizing all mean about you as a person and how you live your life online.”
    “If you’re using a product and you’re not paying for it, you are the product. What Facebook and every other social platform figured out how to do is leverage the information you freely give them.”
    “There is nothing perfect about the entire situation, but society was just living as though this was just a fun little thing to do on the side, and that every time I like a page or put my credit card information in that nothing happens with that information. We’ve been giving this data away for decades and no one’s noticed.”
    “This has been happening since the beginning of time. Marketers have always tried to learn more about their customers so they could serve advertisements, or products or whatever to them a little more tightly targeted. It’s just that in the digital age it seems sneaky.”
    “Audience matching is a great way to take your in-tune audience and serve them advertising that matters. The ads get better and users are interacting with them more, so it’s a win-win for marketers and the users.”
    “You’re going to have to say in some type of checkbox form that you own the data you’re uploading and you’re going to vouch for its ethical collection. You also need to have a privacy policy on your website to do this.”

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