Episode 102 - Blog Content Audit

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  • 5/16/2019
    Blogging is on the rise and as you continue writing, those older blogs are going to get pushed down on the list. However, there are steps you can take to refresh and update. On this episode, joining Creative Director and host Craig Israel is Dan Lyons, Digital Marketing Team Lead, to break down why a blog content audit something you should consider if you have a lot of blogs on your website. 

    What You’ll Learn in This Episode

    • Why blog content audits are needed and how to determine if you need one.
    • Tools you can use to help you know what blogs you should be refreshing or updating. 
    • What to do with those thousands of blogs for the future. 

    Episode Quotables 

    “Reading every single blog would be a. a lot of hours and b. be very expensive. Also it would almost be a waste of time because it is almost too granular for any purpose.” 
    “URLs that are a string of words or look dynamic of some kind aren’t accepted by the users. They tend to not click or skim over them. Also, from the search engine side, when we use words or phrase in the URL, it's going to help out your SEO rankings too.” 

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