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  • 11/6/2015

    As we begin conversations with our clients about their wants and needs for a new website, we typically hit all the familiar topics. Responsive design, hosting, training, timeline and of course, CMS.

    When we start talking about CMS, often our clients will ask for recommendations since this can be unfamiliar territory for them. Based on their needs from use and functionality basis, Kentico typically makes the short list.

    While, it is not as familiar in North America as WordPress or perhaps even Sitecore, Kentico is a Web Content Management Solution that cuts down development time by delivering out of the box solutions, extendable data management, and is an affordable choice for businesses of all sizes.

    No client is the same as the next when it comes to their website needs based on a number of factors like business dynamics, staffing sophistication and resources. So, when we recommend a CMS, we take all of that into account to provide a value-based, highly effective platform that hits everything that the client needs and wants while staying on budget and on calendar.

    How Kentico Benefits Developers

    • Security
      • Accountable platform with regular attention to hotfixes, security trends and best practices built in to mitigate and avoid common web-based vulnerabilities like Cross-Site Scripting, Cross-Site forgery, DOS and XPath injection.
    • Speed/Performance
      • Performance tuning, content caching and web farm deployment availability.
    • Customization
      • Hundreds of ready to use web parts and a detailed API
      • Built in event handlers and custom data structures through point and click administration
    • SEO
      • Optimization specialists aren’t pulling their hair out due to the easily updateable URL management, visibility and schematics. See our blog post on Kentico SEO for more information.

    How Kentico Benefits Marketers

    • Usability
      • Create appropriate document types per any tailored user experience and design
      • Simple to edit and version content
      • Simple to apply custom workflows tailored to internal authoring, editing, publishing team dynamics
    • Full integrated set of online marketing tools
      • Web analytics
      • Email marketing
      • A/B testing
      • Lead scoring and more
    • Ability to produce targeted digital campaigns

    Not only do we recommend Kentico to many of our clients, we are also a client ourselves. Kentico currently boasts powering more than 25,000 websites across 100 countries.

    Still wondering if Kentico is right for you? Check out our blog post regarding Kentico and typical digital evolution stages or contact us.

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