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  • 11/20/2018

    The design of brand logos used to be a “black box” process where customers didn’t get to see changes or comment on them until they were released back into the wild. But today, the preponderance of simple desktop editing tools, social media and an increased interest in how companies represent themselves has made any visual changes a company makes to their brand the subject of intense public debate. The black box has been busted wide open.

    Often when it comes to changes to a brand, companies are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. Companies who try to gradually evolve their brand over time are criticized for wasting stockholders money on changes that aren’t worth the effort. Take Shell Oil, a brand that hasn’t significantly changed in more than 60 years.

    On the other end are brands who try something radically new, only to be derided for changing a beloved brand too much. GAP attempted a significant brand relaunch in 2011, only to return to the previous mark when the public outcry became deafening.

    What’s a forward-looking brand to do? Smart brands are embracing a strategic iterative approach to keep themselves looking fresh without alienating long-time devotees.

    The best strategy is to make sure to lean on sound design principles that have longevity while avoiding the popular design craze of the moment.

    In the Design with Purpose article, you will read about:

    • Design Trends vs. Design Fads
    • Iterative Design
    • Design Trends to Watch

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