Episode 114 - Marketing Automation 101: Part 2

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  • 11/7/2019
    Part 2 of a 2-part series on Marketing Automation. On this episode, joining Creative Director and host Craig Israel is thunder::tech’s Marketing Automation Coordinator, Tracy Devlin and Support Team Lead, Nate Ward to talk about marketing automation platforms and which could be right for a business and how to choose. 

    What You’ll Learn in This Episode

    • The different varieties and options of each platforms and sizes
    • Choosing a platform based on needs

    Episode Quotables 

    “One day it just came to me that there are clear levels to marketing automation platforms and what you get, whether its pricing or feature that we can compare to living arrangements as weird as it sounds.”
    “The difficult part in terms of integrating different types of feature you don't have right out the gate with HubSpot or Pardot when you’re integrating the 3rd party tools you run the risk too, whoever developed that did they do it correctly,  is it communicating the way it should. That’s something to be concerned about. Weigh the pros and cons. 

    Listen to part one here.
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