Episode 116 - Creative Digital Commerce - Marketing Trends 11

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  • 11/27/2019
    On this episode, joining host Craig Israel in the studio is Madison Letizia, Director of Communications at thunder::tech to talk about digital commerce and how you can get a bigger piece of the online commerce game in 2020. Part one of the six-part series of podcasts connected to our Marketing Trends Vol. 11 publication

    What You’ll Learn in This Episode

    • Importance of knowing your audience
    • Importance of knowing the channels your business is using to reach the customers 

    Episode Quotables 

    “Every marketer in the office will tell you, most brands know that if you know your audience you’ll know where to go. It will help pave that path for you. And sometimes you have to reverse this chicken and the egg philosophy and you have to dabble or start small and you start to figure it out.” 
    “So a lot of brands are either going on Amazon, their not liking not having control of their product and their trying to back away. It’s leaving this gap. So when we think about the evolution of e-commerce, they are kind of taking a page from social media to some degree if we think about the Instagrams and Pinterests strategies around online ordering and that type of engagement process. And that’s something Amazon lacks.” 
    “It's not a big surprise that engagement has always been key with brand if your trying to sell widgets or services, the more engaged the customer is the more they are going to do the thing you want them to do.”

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