Episode 89 – Digital Display Advertising and Programmatic Buying

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  • 10/25/2018

    Digital display ads and programmatic buying are a part of a business’s PPC campaigns and becoming more and more common to companies and customers. On this episode, thunder::tech’s Account Services Group Manager JP. Krainz and Integrated Marketing Coordinator Dan Lyons address what digital display ads are, what programmatic buying is and how middle market companies can use it to reach those niche customers

    What You’ll Learn in This Episode

    • What the difference between digital display advertising and programmatic buying is
    • What is difference between Google ad words, digital display ads and programmatic ads
    • How this information gets out and how it helps middle market companies with targeting

    Episode Quotables

    “What programmatic uses is RTB or real-time bidding. This all done on the backend through various algorithms, but we were doing through the process is purchasing inventory quicker than we would through digital display regularly and we are also taking in those targeting parameters as well. When JP was talking about different methods of targeting we are interests. So let’s say we want to target an interest in sports or interest in shopping for a specific item.” 
    “If it’s similar to ad words, why not just use ad words? The biggest different between the two is when you are on google and your searching for something, you are putting in the search terms and its spitting back an answer. For digital display and for programmatic specifically you may not know you want or need the product but because of the aggregation of data and all the things that are sort of readily available out there in terms of your personal information you can serve ads to people.”
    “Each person has a unique identifier attached to them. There is no identification on a personal level, so we don’t know what you name is, who you are or what you look like, unless you keep your lens uncovered on your laptop.”

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