Episode 111 - Tourism’s Impact on Marketing

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  • 10/3/2019
    Tourism is a driving factor for the economy and marketing. On this episode, joining Creative Director and host Craig Israel is Matt MacLaren, Director of TourismOhio and Joe Hicks, Account Services Group Manager, at thunder::tech, to talk about how tourism and marketing impact each other. 

    What You’ll Learn in This Episode

    • Why Ohio is becoming a big state for tourism. 
    • How marketing (social, digital, tv, radio, etc) come together to help push the campaigns for each state 
    • How to different venues work together and support the state as a whole. 

    Episode Quotables 

    Matt was asked about planned trips vs. impulse trips and here is what he had to say: 
    “We’ve seen both go up. There are still many places where you have to plan out your travel especially during the heavy travel season to make sure you can find a room or you do have your tickets to get into the play or amusement park or the reservations for the restaurant. There’s enough visitation going on during that heavy time that a lot of planning is needed. But we are also seeing a lot of small trips, where someone from Cincinnati might decide they are going to go see the Indians game, maybe the Reds are playing the Indians so they are going to drive up. They make that decision on a relatively short time frame. And because they are doing one big vacation year but a whole bunch of small one, they are able on short timeframe take that impulse and turn it into a trip.”
    “Even though we have to watch those ‘Pure Michigan’ commercials here in Ohio, Michigan has to watch our ‘Ohio Find it Here’ commercials.  

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