Episode 86 - Don’t “Copy” Me: Unpacking the Copywriting Process

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  • 9/20/2018
    Even though copywriting can be a solitary pursuit, we’re shaking things up on this episode with a copywriter roundtable. Fellow copywriters and advertising veterans, Mike Lawrence from Akhia and Matt Krupa from Marcus Thomas, join thunder::tech Creative Director Craig Israel in the studio to discuss creative writing, ideation, presentation and feedback.

    What You’ll Learn in This Episode

    • The process copywriters go through to craft a compelling brand story
    • How copywriters find inspiration and get motivated to start a new project
    • How creatives learn to manage critical feedback

    Episode Quotables

    “I always thought advertising was cool, but I didn’t know what a copywriter was until I was a junior in college.”
    “A lot of what came from journalism was the writing, but it was also the info gathering. I got comfortable because I would have to interview people to get the quotes, but also to get the background for stories that I’d be writing. That storytelling helps a lot, especially today.”
    “Being a good interviewer and a good listener are the hallmarks of being a really strong copywriter, because if you can’t get at what the heart of what the client is trying to get to, it makes the job of writing a lot easier.”
    “It’s about trying to find a way to say what they [the client] want to say in a way that their audience wants to hear. It’s really a translation service.”
    “The best ads I’ve ever been involved with are the ones where I could make suggestions about the visuals, and the designer could make suggestions about the copy. It was a real collaborative effort.”
    “Writers write. The only thing that’s ever worked for me is to sit down and put everything on paper. The hackiest, terrible stuff that you know is bad.”
    “For any creative person, it’s important not to take criticism personally. You have to have a thick skin.”

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