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  • Platform Wars: Finding Your Right Tech Stack

    There's an app, software program, plugin, you-name-it-widget for just about every single thing you'll ever need (or won't need) in business. You've got solutions for email, mobile apps, websites, e-commerce sites, CRM, IoT devices and so much more. The problem is, sometimes, we find ourselves ad-hoc adding these individual solutions onto our tech stack without much regard to the silos and cumbersome integrations until it becomes a messy web that's tough to untangle.

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  • Episode 119: Why HR and Marketing Should Team Up - Marketing Trends 11

    On this episode, joining host Craig Israel in the studio is Marc Theodore, Director of Operations at thunder::tech to discuss HR and marketing and how you should get these teams together to focus on talent growth in 2020. This is the next installment of the six-part series of podcasts connected to our Marketing Trends Vol. 11 publication.

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  • A Fast Year in an Even Faster Decade

    As we celebrated thunder::tech's 20th anniversary in 2019, we were moving forward with our "Day Two" approach for our marketing agency. As the year progressed, we saw plenty of new opportunities, experiences and growth.

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  • The Rise of HR Marketing: Shifts in the Roles of HR Professionals

    It's expensive to find, hire and train employees. A competitive job market means top-talent job seekers have the advantage—and the ability to be selective. 

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