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  • Five Mistakes Of Post-Pandemic Hiring (And How Marketing Can Fix Them!)

    Building a successful employer brand takes time, but there are many short-term ways that marketing can impact and improve HR recruiting success. A marketing driven approach post-pandemic can help brands fix these recruiting mistakes.

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  • Rebranding Series Part 1: When Is (or Isn’t) It Time To Rebrand?

    Timing is everything, especially in today’s ever-shifting market, and you only get one chance to make a big impression. How do you know when is the right time to undergo a rebrand? And, maybe more importantly, when is the wrong time for a brand overhaul?

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  • What is Environmental Graphic Design?

    At thunder::tech we’ve worked on more branding projects than we can compile together. We certainly don’t doubt our abilities to create strong logos, detailed visual standards and powerful messaging. Once we have a great foundation, we love kicking a brand into high gear with Environmental Graphic Design , or in short, EGD. This service is often new to our clients, but the possibilities it provides to take their brand to the next level are limitless.

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  • What is a true integrated agency?

    Integrated marketing has moved past a buzzword thrown around at industry conferences and has evolved into a viable agency marketing model due to the need for increased speed, integration of skill sets and a lack of client side resources. However, it is a term that needs more clarification about its complex definition, especially on the agency side.

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