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  • Episode 117: Direct-to-Consumer Selling - Marketing Trends 11

    Joining host Craig Israel in the studio is Jason Therrien, President of thunder::tech to talk about direct-to-consumer (DTC) selling and what’s changing for middle-market brands in 2020. This is the next installment of the six-part series of podcasts connected to our Marketing Trends Vol. 11 publication.

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  • Episode 116 - Creative Digital Commerce - Marketing Trends 11

    On this episode, joining host Craig Israel in the studio is Madison Letizia, Director of Communications at thunder::tech to talk about digital commerce and how you can get a bigger piece of the online commerce game in 2020. Part one of the six-part series of podcasts connected to our Marketing Trends Vol. 11 publication

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  • Pump Up Your Brand Standards

    When it comes to your brand, consistency, unity and commonality are absolutely everything. Without it, your brand will look, feel and communicate less professionally. A well-established brand style guide is the best tool to help direct this information to anyone who uses your brand. But why do so many brands struggle here? We’re about to explore the major areas we see brands needing help and how to shape up before it’s too late. 

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  • Package Design and Consumer Behavior

    You’re standing in a store aisle, scanning the colors and shapes that fill the shelves, either looking for the usual brand you know and trust or waiting for a new one to pop out at you and tempt you to try it. We’ve all been there. Debating between this or that. But how do we pick? What makes it harder to decide? Or easier? What affects our buying behavior?

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